How to Meditate

How to Meditate — Beginner's Instructions

Preparing a Space for Meditation

Find a quiet, peaceful place where you can be secluded and undisturbed during meditation. Create your own sanctuary exclusively for your meditation practice.

Meditation garden, SRF Hollywood Temple

Sit on a straight chair or cross legged on a firm surface — cover that with a woolen blanket and/or a silk cloth. This insulates your seat from the downward pull of subtle earth currents.

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gold lotus rule

From the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda:

"As the parlor awakens social consciousness, the library fosters reading consciousness, and the bedroom suggest sleeping, so everyone should have a room or screened off corner, or a well ventilated closet, used exclusively for the purpose of silent meditation. Traditional homes in India always have such a shrine for daily worship.

"A sanctuary in one's home is very effective in fostering spirituality, because unlike a place of public worship it becomes personalized, and also because it is accessible for spontaneous devotional expressions throughout the day. The children in India are not forced to frequent the shrine, but are inspired to do so by the parents' example.

"In these home temples, families learn to find the soul peace hidden behind the veil of silence. Here they introspect, and in prayer and meditation recharge themselves with the inner power of the soul, and in divine communion attune themselves to discriminative wisdom by which they may govern their lives according to the dictates of conscience and right judgment.  

"Interiorized prayer brings forth the realization that peace and service to divine ideals are the goal of life, without which no amount of material acquisition can assure happiness."

— Paramahansa Yogananda
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