Special Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata to SRF Members in Japan

[Read in Japanese 日本語 ]

March 2011

Dear Ones, 

We have been following closely and prayerfully the news of Japan’s devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, and their aftermath. Our heartfelt compassion and concern reach out to each of you who has been affected by these tragic events, and to your beautiful country and its noble souls. We know and hold dear so many there who are Self-Realization Fellowship members and friends. All of Paramahansa Yogananda’s worldwide spiritual family around the globe unites with Guruji in deepest love and prayer to invoke divine help and healing on your behalf at this time of heartrending sorrow and loss. Distance is no barrier to these prayers and to the omnipresent power of God’s grace and blessings. Though we are not with you physically to offer our aid and support, those of us in Gurudeva’s ashrams, and thousands of members of our Worldwide Prayer Circle, have been keeping you close in our meditations and as we practice Paramahansaji’s technique of sending God’s light and love to each of you. May the tremendous power flowing from these united prayers strengthen and uplift your consciousness in attunement with the Divine, and draw His reassuring, healing presence to all affected as they strive to regain their equanimity and rebuild their lives.

When sudden disasters of nature disrupt the lives of so many, we are reminded how fragile is the sense of security built upon anything but God. At such times, we need to reinforce our courage and faith by remembering that the Divine Spirit who conceived and sustains this universe never forsakes us, His children. Though periodically the buildup of mass karma created by the sum total of wrong actions of humanity in all nations may cause such disasters, which may afflict God’s virtuous as well as erring children, God’s love is unconditional and ever present. Those whose lives are so rudely taken in disasters are awakened by Him in His heavenly realms, all terror and pain forgotten. The perceived loss by the survivors belies the newfound joy of their loved ones in the freedom of God's light and peace. On earth, God's love inborn in every soul inspires us to help one another, manifesting through caring and selfless souls who go out of their way to comfort and serve those around them. God’s concern for us is also felt through the peace that comes when we lift our consciousness and that of others from mental despondency to sincerely, trustingly, ask God’s blessings and seek the shelter of His love. By focusing the heart and mind on the Infinite Spirit, we can draw on the Source of renewed strength, and realize that in the immortal soul-resources welling up from within it is God Himself who is generously pouring forth the needed blessings.

There is no resource more dependable or powerful than our inseverable, eternal connection with Spirit. Actively express that unifying connection to see you through these dark times, and to prayerfully channel the courage and faith of your indomitable soul to others in need. There is tremendous power in the vibrations of positive thoughts linked to devotional faith in the omnipresence of God’s all-powerful love.

You may be heartened to know that representatives of the news media who traveled to Japan from all over the world to report on this disaster have spoken repeatedly of how deeply moved they are by the noble spirit of the Japanese people — their disciplined, calmly resolute behavior. God-loving souls and their actions become a part of the great force for good which is ever working to heal and transform this world.

We are with you in our thoughts, prayers, and meditations. May God’s all-encompassing care manifest in ways great and small in the lives of each of you affected by this tragedy. Love and goodwill reach out to you as I visualize you held warmly by Guruji in the heart of God.

 Unceasing blessings in God and Guru, 

                                                Mrinalini Mata Signature

Sri Mrinalini Mata

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