Easter Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata-2013
Jesus Christ

“O Christ, thou art resurrected in Spirit. We rejoice in thy resurrection, and in its reassurance of thy promise: that as children of God, having descended into the sepulcher of flesh, we too shall reascend into our Father’s kingdom.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda  

The glorious, soul-uplifting Easter message of resurrection brings assurance that in the midst of life's uncertainties and experiences that often confound our human heart and understanding, a divine hand is guiding us to fulfill the highest destiny God has planned for each of His children — the boundless freedom and joy of union with Him. Our souls are endowed with the power to transcend all mortal limitations and manifest His infinite nature; but our matter-bound consciousness, immersed in the relativities of this world, often finds it difficult to accept that truth. Out of His infinite compassion, through the aeons the Heavenly Father sends to benighted humanity God-realized souls as His divine messengers. Jesus Christ came to dwell in our midst, share our human experiences, and speak to our hearts and souls, urging us to resurrect ourselves from all that has made us forget that we too are made in the unconquerable image of God.

In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. These encouraging words spoken by Jesus before his crucifixion refer to the many inner victories he had already won that would make possible the supreme triumph of his physical resurrection. His example  reminds us that resurrection begins in the heart, with daily victories over the little self. In every good deed and spiritual determination, in every effort to overcome a temptation or weakness, in deep meditation, and in loving service, the soul within us is achieving, with the blessing of God's grace, its  own resurrection — its ultimate reunion with the Infinite Father. As moment by moment we learn to seek and follow His guidance, rather than that of the matter-blinded ego, and thereby entrust our well-being more fully to Him, we allow the power of His divine love and will to permeate our lives and supersede the world's delusive dualities as our primary Reality.

The faith and resolve we need to set aside the “little I” come as we learn to love God in the solitude of meditation where His presence enfolds the soul, and in that sweet personal relationship that grows when we cultivate the consciousness that He is ever with us — a beloved companion during our trials as well as our joys. This Easter, may each of us experience the awakening, resurrecting touch of the universal Christ-love. May it set our hearts, minds and souls aflame — giving us the courage to endure our daily crosses and the wisdom that victoriously resurrects us into the immortal embrace of our beloved Father. That is my Easter wish and prayer for you.

A joyous and blessed Easter to you and your loved ones,

Mrinalini Mata's Signature

Sri Mrinalini Mata

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