Jesus Christ

“O Spirit, command my soul to arise from the sepulcher of littleness into Thy vastness of everywhereness. Lift its matter-caged consciousness into omnipresent freedom in Thee.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda  

During this blessed Easter season, as you dwell on the inspiration of Christ’s divine life and glorious resurrection, may it reawaken within you the memory of your own soul’s infinite potential and motivate you to seek with greater zeal the joyous freedom he had won. Never doubt your ability to succeed, for God has endowed us all with the power of mind and will to rise above identification with the body and the tendencies of human nature. He has also given us the example of those like the Lord Jesus who have shown that, though we experience the world’s dualities, we need not be dominated by them.

It is our inner environment — whether we choose to live in the spacious freedom and all-inclusiveness of God-awareness, or in the small, cramped quarters of ego consciousness — that determines more than any outer condition the degree of peace, happiness, and soul fulfillment we attain. The liberating message of Easter brings us the reassurance that we are beings of immortal light and joy, and can never be permanently confined in the cocoon of ego consciousness. The Christ Consciousness within us is ever calling us to our own resurrection through our spiritual aspirations, through the universal truths exemplified by God-united souls, and especially through our experiences on the proving grounds of daily life.

Gurudeva referred to resurrection as “the art of emerging from what you are into what you are going to be in the future,” and told us: “Every time you give up a weakness and feel happy in being good, Christ is resurrected anew. You can bring Christ Consciousness within you right now….” That divine freedom is gained by many little victories. Christ’s reminder to love God with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength, and one’s neighbor as oneself, shows us the way. Communing with God and developing a loving, intimate relationship with Him, such as Jesus had, connects us with the infinite Source of our being. And our human relationships are also meant to expand our consciousness beyond our own needs and wants. Our innate divinity unfolds when — rather than expecting from others — we become givers of love, understanding, and forgiveness. The way of the world is retaliation and endless cycles of retribution; the way of Christ-love is the way that brings healing to our hearts and to others.

The more we meditate deeply and live by Christ-principles, the more we will find the fetters of maya and ego dissolving in the glorious, all-fulfilling reality of God’s presence. As we resurrect ourselves into that consciousness, and the divine love Jesus expressed flows increasingly through our lives, each of us does our part in resurrecting the influence of God’s light in this world.

A blessed and joyous Easter to you and your dear ones,

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Sri Mrinalini Mata

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