2016 Thanksgiving Message from Sri Mrinalini Mata

“Underlying all life is the silent voice of God, ever calling to us through flowers, through scriptures, and through our conscience — through all things that are beautiful and that make life worth living.”

—Paramahansa Yogananda

Warm Thanksgiving greetings to our spiritual family and friends. All of us in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashrams think of you with heartfelt gratitude for how you express God’s goodness and love in this world. And we pray that this season of remembrance of His blessings will bring you renewed assurance of how much you are cherished by Him. As you recognize the many ways the Invisible Divine Hand is guiding your life, you will realize that God is with you always, watching over you with infinite care, inspiring you through every circumstance to bring out the divinity latent within you.

Life is ever calling us to open our eyes, our mind, and our heart to the all-pervading presence of Spirit. How wonderfully our consciousness and our perspective on daily events are transformed when we learn to appreciate the countless expressions of the Supreme Giver — in the beauties of creation, the wisdom of great souls, the good in ourselves and others, and in the many opportunities to grow in spiritual understanding that come to us. Gratitude is the soul’s natural response to that Eternal Goodness, which is unceasingly and irrepressibly finding new ways to manifest itself in this world.

As we train the mind to look for the good in people and situations, and daily use our will to shift the spotlight of our attention from life’s imperfections to God’s blessings, our consciousness is energized by reassuring hope and increased faith in Him. By the spiritual practice of gratitude, we build a deeper, more personal relationship with the Divine — a devotional awareness that becomes a steady undercurrent in the heart and mind, an affirmation of God’s sustaining presence as the “nearest of the near, dearest of the dear.”

Meditation expands our consciousness to receive the ultimate gifts of the Divine Giver. When with humility and gratitude, you seek Him in the stillness beyond the static of maya and experience His all-fulfilling, blissful presence, you will know with the certainty of soul intuition that in Him you have everything you need. My Thanksgiving wish for you is that you realize God’s all-sufficiency and feel His divine love filling your life, inspiring you also to share with other souls His bounty and joy.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones,

Sri Mrinalini Mata

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