2016 Easter Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata
Jesus Christ

“Bless us this morning, O Christ, that we may realize the universal significance of thy resurrection: that our souls, reflections of Christ Consciousness, be resurrected in thine Immortal Consciousness evermore.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda  

Easter greetings to you, with much joy from the ashrams of Paramahansa Yogananda! He taught us to reverence the Easter message of resurrection as an eternal affirmation for all of God’s children that no matter how dark the storm clouds in this troubled world, we have the power to rise above them into a vaster consciousness of God’s light and glory.

Avatars such as the blessed Lord Jesus incarnate to show us by their example how to live divinely amidst the dualities of creation. They have faced the obstructing forces of maya, as we all must do, and have conquered. Outwardly Christ’s crucifixion seemed an ignominious defeat. But like a brilliant shaft of radiance piercing the darkness, his resurrection was a glorious victory not only over death, but symbolically over all mortal limitations — a victory that continues to illumine for receptive souls the truth that we are not these bodies, but divine beings irrevocably endowed with Spirit’s immortality, joy, and love.

The holy days of the Easter season are replete with poignant reminders of the divine drama played by Jesus for the lasting encouragement and upliftment of the entire human family. Our guru, Paramahansaji, wrote: “Jesus knew that through his resurrection the omnipotence of God was to be revealed, while his crucifixion would exemplify the humbleness of God who wants to teach His ignorant, rebellious children by love only.” Easter, if celebrated according to its true spiritual significance, is therefore a time for greatest joy, for realizing anew that a divinely joy-filled life is the result of practicing resurrection daily — in our attitudes, actions, and the way we relate to others. Because we live in an imperfect world, it is easy to dwell unduly on the flaws in others, in society, and in oneself. But if we look for good, do good, and try to bring out the good in the diverse circumstances we encounter, we connect our daily lives with the redeeming power of God’s love in this world — the all-pervading Christ Consciousness.

All of us have our particular crosses to bear, but how we choose to bear them determines their effect on us. Jesus Christ’s true victory was the love and forgiveness he showed on the cross. Likewise in our own lives, experiences that the ego rebels against can be liberating for the soul. When the pride of the “little I” is crucified, we have an opportunity to learn peace-giving humility. When others are unkind, we can conquer the ego’s impulses by giving kindness and understanding. If the body has trouble and we react with courage and evenminded faith in God’s will, we can draw forth the heroic nature of the soul, and deepen through trustful surrender our relationship with Him. We always have the power to choose light over darkness. The choices we make can transmute our crosses into instruments of our perfection, the resurrection of the ever-blissful soul from its tomb of mortal consciousness.

May you feel that inner resurrection in the stillness of meditation and by living in the thought of God throughout each day. My Easter prayer for you is that the infinite Christ-love, in which Jesus and all the Divine Ones have dwelt, awaken you to your own immortal Self and your soul’s divine qualities, that your life and actions might truly radiate God’s light, peace, and beauty.

Loving wishes to you and your dear ones for a joyous and blessed Easter,

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Sri Mrinalini Mata

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