2015 Easter Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata
Jesus Christ

“Behold thine immortal Self resurrected with Christ in the illuminating Light of Christ Consciousness, present in every soul, every flower, every atom.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda  

At this season of hope and renewal, may the universal Easter message of Christ’s victorious life and resurrection, which holds out to every soul the promise of ultimate liberation from the confines of maya, awaken in you greater faith that you too can rise above the world’s dualities. The Christ Consciousness, so fully manifest in Jesus, is present in every atom, in every living thing, and in each one of us. But the outer drama of creation with its opposites of good and evil, life and death, so engrosses our mind and emotions that we forget our innate divinity. Great avatars like Christ, who see God’s image in every soul, incarnate to rouse the spiritual conqueror in us and show us by their example how to cast off those mortal constraints and express our true limitless Self.

Our human nature looks outward for the happiness, love, and sense of security we crave. And we often think of freedom as being able to do what we want or to control circumstances according to our will. But the lives of Jesus and other God-united souls reveal a deeper truth — that all the good we seek comes from within when we rediscover our eternal connection with the Divine and with one another. They also prove that supreme freedom is mastery over our own consciousness — ruling our thoughts and actions in attunement with God and His laws of love and truth, rather than being ruled by the ego’s self-interest. Therein lies the key to our soul-progress and the well-being of humanity. Jesus had the power to destroy his enemies. But he chose the way of love and compassion that has uplifted countless lives. With each effort to summon our courage to do what is right and express God’s caring for every soul, we too are resurrecting the Christ Consciousness within us. Our divine qualities manifest more freely as we let go of resentments, fears, or worries that weigh us down, and are able to say with trust in God and peace in our hearts, “Lord, Thy will be done, not mine.” In that act of surrender we open our consciousness to His blessings and allow them to flow through us to others.

The most powerful transformation of our being takes place when we set aside for a while each day the many demands upon our attention and quiet the restless mind. With the deepening of that stillness a sense of peace and joy wells up from within, and the heart expands with love for God and all His children. Even a glimpse of that consciousness in which Christ lived lifts us above the little things in life. We begin to realize that we are not this physical form and to understand why Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Do not take this changing picture of life and death seriously. Behold your immortality! It is the most joyous realization you can experience.” As you daily resurrect your life in that awareness of God’s supporting presence, may you increasingly reflect His light, His love and goodness, wherever He has placed you.

Easter joy and blessings to you and your loved ones,

Mrinalini Mata's Signature

Sri Mrinalini Mata

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