2014 Thanksgiving Message From Mrinalini Mata

Thanksgiving 2014  

"Inspiration, creative power, and energy flow into you when you attune yourself to the Infinite Mind…."  

— Paramahansa Yogananda

Thanksgiving warms the heart with a heightened awareness of God's supporting love, and all of us in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda's ashrams join you in offering our gratitude to our Divine Benefactor for the blessings, seen and unseen, that flow daily from His bountiful hands. In acknowledging those blessings, we especially think of our spiritual family and thank Him for the divine friendship we share with you. We deeply appreciate your dedica­tion to Guruji's universal ideals and the many ways you reflect his spirit of caring, thus giving others cause to be thankful too.

In the course of everyday living, when the mind is busy with external matters, it is easy to forget the One who sustains us and motivates our every noble impulse, for He is hidden behind the various manifestations of creation. Yet with the keener insight of the soul, honed by meditation and the cultivation of a grateful heart, we can penetrate those disguises and realize His all-pervading influence. "Your cup of life within and without is filled with the Divine Presence," Gurudeva often reminded us, "but because of the lack of attention you do not perceive God's immanence. When you are in tune, as one tunes in a radio, then you receive Spirit." Gratitude is a way to focus that attention — to bring the Divine into the range of our awareness. Whatever our circumstances, if we strive daily to appreciate even little things that give us joy and inspiration, we begin to recognize behind those gifts the bounty and loving intent of the Giver, and His interest in our well-being. As we fill our consciousness with proofs of God's ever-present solicitude, we realize that we are connected with an inexhaustible source of strength, wisdom, and creativity we can use in any situation. Our ego's illusion of self-sufficiency is replaced by a humility that opens wide the channel for His divine power to flow unimpeded into our lives. Knowing that we have limitless resources to draw upon, we need not fear any challenges that arise; but can face them with full trust in God and see them as part of His plan for our soul's progress.

In practicing thankfulness, we cease to be passive receivers of God's grace, and become active givers of the gift He desires most — our love. The more we manifest gratitude — inwardly to Him and outwardly by serving His children — the more reasons we will have to be thankful, for the infinite heart of God responds to that offering of our devotion. As you take the spiritual initiative to express to Him your appreciation in thought, in action, and in inner communion, I pray your relationship with Him will continue to deepen until you behold your life and all creation permeated with the living reality of His Presence.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your dear ones,

Sri Mrinalini Mata

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