A New Year's Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata

New Year 2013

Uplifted by the blessings of the Christmas season, let us welcome each day of the new year with a mind and heart open to the infinite possibilities for positive change and soul-progress before us. It was a joy to receive holiday greetings from so many of our spiritual family and friends. Your loving words, your remembrances, as well as your kindnesses throughout the year, are treasured expressions of the divine friendship that we share. As we go forward, united in the thought of God, I pray that the universal truths in Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings may light your way and hasten your footsteps.

There is no greater or more powerful encouragement for all-round success in the new year than what Gurudeva imparts when we daily revisit his divinely inspired writings and talks. Take to heart this soul-awakening motivation that he inspirited in the devotees gathered at the Mother Center on New Year’s Eve in 1934:

“Enter the portals of the New Year with new hope. Remember that you are a child of God. It lies with you as to what you are going to be. Be proud that you are a child of God. What have you to fear? No matter what comes, believe it is the Lord who is sending that to you; and you must succeed in conquering those daily challenges. Therein lies your victory. Do His will; nothing can hurt you then. He loves you everlastingly. Think that. Believe that. Know that. And suddenly one day you will find you are immortally alive in God.

“Meditate more and believe in the strong consciousness that God is always with you regardless of what happens. Then you will see that the veil of delusion will be taken away and you will be one with That which is God. That is how I found my greatest happiness in life.”

My New Year’s wish and prayer for you is that, with your gaze ever fixed on the polestar of God’s presence, you feel Him guiding and energizing your every spiritual effort. Know that He is spreading, through the steady progress you will thereby make, the illuminating, peace-giving influence of His infinite love.

A happy and blessed New Year to you and your dear ones,

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Sri Mrinalini Mata

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