2012 New Year’s Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata
 “Heavenly Father, bless me that I develop all the seeds of spiritual power and success that are within me, and that I use them to please Thee, whom I love more than all Thy gifts.”
— Paramahansa Yogananda

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New Year 2012

Greetings and blessings to all of our spiritual family and friends around the world as we begin this new year with renewed hope — looking ahead to brighter horizons, which God always promises to His prayerful, dutiful children. Together we move forward with faith in the good in ourselves and others, and with the courage born of trust in the Divine One who is guiding our lives and the upward progress of humanity. All of us in Paramahansaji’s ashrams thank you from our hearts for your loving remem­brances during the holiday season and for the many ways your friendship reaches out to us throughout the year. We pray in meditation each day that God bless every effort you make to fulfill your noble goals and aspirations.

Within each of us is the drive to manifest our soul’s divine potential — the wis­dom, strength, love, and joy that are our true nature. Psycholog­ically and spiritually, a definite blessing and positive energy is felt at the beginning of a new year. It is an auspicious time of change, with its opportunities to blaze new pathways to success and fulfillment. How many yet-unexplored possibilities open before us when we realize that we are not frail mortals bound by the past or by habits and circumstances; we are each a unique expression of God’s being, endowed with His divine potencies and with the freedom to shape our own self-willed destiny.

Gurudeva reminded us how pliable the mind is, and what a powerful tool it can be when we fix our attention on a specific goal during and after meditation. “You can instill any trend in your consciousness right now,” he told us, “provided you inject a strong thought in your mind; then your actions and whole being will obey that thought.” Let his assurance infuse your New Year’s resolutions with confidence and determination. Convert your good intentions into affirmations, repeating them verbally and mentally with deep concentration. They will thereby penetrate to deeper levels of conscious­ness, setting in motion subtle but inexorable causes of success. They will reinforce your efforts in the arena of daily life to change good intent into action, to guide with discrimination the materializing power of your will, and to persevere until all obstacles are overcome.

Soul progress and success in any worthy endeavor is ensured by cultivating our inner connection with God’s omnipotence. Sometimes desired positive changes elude us despite our own best efforts. But when by faith and deep meditative communion we make ourselves receptive to His ever-willing-to-help transforming blessings, His divine light flows into our consciousness, helping to dissolve past karma and habit patterns that hinder us. True happiness comes naturally as we attune our lives with Him and use our abilities in accord with His will — to express even in little ways His goodness and caring for every soul. I pray that in this new year you may feel the reality of God’s presence and supporting love, which connects us in ways great and small with all other hearts seeking shelter in His limitless Being.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy New Year filled with God’s unceasing blessings,

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Sri Mrinalini Mata

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