2012 Easter Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata
Jesus Christ

O Universal Christ, be awakened within us! We have crucified Thee with our ignorance. Be resurrected within us again as everlasting Christ-Wisdom and perennial bliss. 

— Paramahansa Yogananda  

Easter greetings from the ashrams of Paramahansa Yogananda, and warmest wishes that you experience the joyous resurrection of spirit that is the perennial promise of this holy season.

Generations have come and gone since the advent of Jesus. History records the eventful changes of those ages, fraught with the ignorance that impedes humanity’s evolutionary progress toward higher consciousness. Transcending the ever-cycling scenes of dark and direful circumstances, the ever-expanding light of unchanging Truth endures eternally. The Truth manifested in the pristine life of Jesus, in which was incarnated the infinite Christ Consciousness, shines undiminished — an immortal and immortalizing force of goodness and God’s grace. The real celebration of Easter is to awaken our receptivity to that universal Christ-power by which Jesus resurrected eternal life in his body through the divinity in his soul. And the real joy of Easter is the dawning realization in our own lives of the ancient scriptural wisdom he reaffirmed: “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” 

That was indeed the sublime promise to all humanity implicit in Jesus’ victorious life and resurrection. Everlasting life inheres in oneness with the immortal soul and its unity with God — the eternal essence of each soul. That individualized spark of God’s presence within each of us is what is to be resurrected. In deep meditation you feel a sweet comfort of peace, a subtle joy of fulfillment and completeness, and an upwelling thrill of love that accompanies devotional thoughts of God. In that state you have touched the consciousness of the soul — the reflection of the Infinite Christ within you — and at least momentarily you experience the true joy of resurrection and freedom from bondage to the mortal body and ego.

We can hold on to that glimpse of our resurrected Self and express it in action. Never accept that when you exit meditation the mortal instruments — the finite mind with its deluding senses and fickle feelings — must inevitably draw down a barrier between your outward self and God within you. As Jesus and all the Great Ones achieved, similarly our challenge is to maintain our connection with that meditation-resurrected consciousness and its gifts of divine grace, and cede to it the reign over our life, attitudes, and reactions.

Do not underestimate the far-reaching scope of what that can accomplish. In the achievement of even small victories in expressing the Christ-qualities of your higher nature, you have resurrected that goodness from your soul. It merges in a humble cooperation with the Universal Good or God. Without self-proclamation — without your even knowing it — what you are becoming thus helps to dispel darkness from the world at large. Ultimately your individual life becomes part of the omnipresent light of Christ Consciousness that works to spiritualize all creation. May this Easter unveil to your awareness those soul potentials whose expression is your divine destiny!

In the unceasing blessings of God, Christ, and the Masters,

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Sri Mrinalini Mata

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