2011 Easter Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata

Easter Art 2011
Easter 2011 

“As Christ resurrected himself, so will I resurrect myself into the freedom of
Spirit by living rightly, by kindness and sympathy to others, and by loving
all as I love God and myself.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda

The joy of this sacred season of Christ’s resurrection opens our hearts to feel anew the blessing that his glorious victory has brought to multitudes throughout the centuries. Our souls respond to his triumph over all human limitations because it stirs within us the dormant knowing of our own infinite, immortal nature. Within every human being dwells the glorious, ever-living image of God. Through the lives of such great ones as the Lord Jesus in whom God’s omnipotence and divinity are fully revealed, God calls each of us to resurrect ourselves from anything that impedes the expression of the immanence of His limitless power and blessings from an ego-and matter-bound existence to the unbounded divine qualities and bliss of Spirit.

In reflecting on Jesus’ final days, we thrill at the love past human understanding that he expressed even toward those who cruelly mistreated him. United with the Christ-love that holds the universe together, he had such inner strength that not even the entire Roman regime could awaken enmity in his heart. We may not be tested to the same degree; but we also are expected, as God’s children, to attune ourselves with our Heavenly Father, whose love embraces every soul — transforming those who give it and those who receive it. Daily opportunities challenge us to resurrect our consciousness from resentments, to give kindness for unkindness, to remain free of anger even when we must stand up for principles. Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda said, “When one steadfastly refuses to give a slap for a slap, allowing animosity no foothold in one’s being, a tremendous power of love develops in the heart. That love and its attendant forgiveness is the first budding of the bliss of God.”

The Christ-love that alone can heal every hurt, and bring harmony with self and others, grows from within as we take time daily to go into the temple of soul-silence where the dualities of this world and the emotions they evoke lose their hold. When our heart expands to receive God’s peace and boundless love, it is emptied of animosity and self-centeredness and filled with empathy for all. May that consciousness, in which Jesus and other God-united souls have lived, have an Easter resurrection within you — a joyous renewal of attunement of your thoughts and actions with the Divine during this holy season and always.

A blessed Easter to you and your loved ones,

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Sri Mrinalini Mata

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