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A quarterly magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul…

Each issue of Self-Realization magazine includes a CD containing a full-length talk on Paramahansaji’s “how-to-live” teachings.

Self-Realization Magazine and CD

A unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern thought, this magazine was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1925. Fascinating and informative articles provide insight and information on a wide range of subjects — finding balance in today’s complex world; the nature of life, death, and reincarnation; a spiritual perspective on world events; developing mind power; creating a personal relationship with God; and much more. 

Self-Realization Magazine spreads

Features Include:

  • Previously unpublished talks and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda and his close disciples
  • Articles on the convergence of views between science and religion
  • Photos and news of Self-Realization Fellowship
  • News of current research in health and healing
  • Reproductions of archival photographs of Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Activities, photos, and news of SRF around the world
  • Uplifting personal stories of experiences on the spiritual path  

(includes postage & handling)

     U.S.   Outside U.S.
1 year
    $19.00 $23.00
3 years     $54.00 $66.00

You may subscribe online or call: (818) 549-5151

Before Fall 2005: $2.00 each, plus postage and handling
Fall 2005 and after: $6.00 each, plus postage and handling

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