While the following general information applies to all Retreat locations, please check with individual Retreat offices since some details may vary.

Lodging and Meals

Living Room, Encinitas RetreatRetreat participants are provided with comfortably furnished single rooms, and an adjoining bath that is shared either by two retreatants of the same sex, or by a married couple. (There are some exceptions: for instance, some rooms with private bath are available at the Lake Shrine Retreat.)

Three wholesome vegetarian meals are generally served daily in the retreat dining rooms. As there is generally not a choice of menu, if you have dietary restrictions, please discuss this with the retreat registrar when making your reservation.

Courtyard, Encinitas RetreatDress

Clothing should be comfortable and informal. In keeping with the ideals of a spiritual community, we ask that retreatants dress modestly, and that they not wear shorts or similar attire inside the Retreat. Some type of footwear should be worn at all times, preferably soft-soled to help preserve the quiet atmosphere of the Retreat.

DonationsEncinitas Retreat Accommodations

The costs of meals, lodging, and daily upkeep for all SRF Retreats are covered on a donation basis. The suggested donation amounts vary among the various Retreat programs. Please check with individual Retreat offices for specific details.

The kind support of those who can offer more than the suggested donation of each retreat program helps us to continue to offer these spiritual services to all, regardless of ability to contribute financially.

Visits to Paramahansa Yogananda’s Living Quarters

At the Encinitas Retreat, on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons (depending on availability), retreatants may visit the Hermitage where Paramahansa Yogananda’s living quarters have been preserved as a shrine.

Also, during conducted retreats at SRF Lake Shrine (depending upon availability), retreatants may visit the Houseboat where Paramahansa Yogananda sometimes resided during the establishment of the Lake Shrine.


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