Sunday Services

At our temples and meditation centers around the world, weekly inspirational services offer you an opportunity to meet with other truth-seekers to commune with God and share spiritual fellowship. These services include readings from Paramahansa Yogananda's writings, as well as periods of devotional chanting, silent meditation, and prayer. Monastics of the Self-Realization Order regularly give the services at our temples, and SRF lay members lead services at the meditation centers.

All of our temples and many of our meditation centers also offer Sunday School classes for children ages 3–12, presenting Paramahansa Yogananda's "How-to-Live" spiritual principles for children.

Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday Services




4 The Science of Knowing God
11 Belief, Faith, and Wisdom
18 The Infinite Power Within You
25 What Is Heaven?
1 God's Vital Laws of Health and Well-Being
8 Living the Spiritual Life in a Material World
15 True Religion: A Universal Need
22 The Way to Be Happy at Will
1 Expanding Your Awareness of God
8 Regain Your Divine Heritage
15 Controlling the Power of Habit
22 The Secret of Spiritual Success
29 The Deeper Teachings of Jesus Christ
5 The True Meaning of Resurrection
12 Peace: The Altar of Heaven
19 Balancing Your Material and Spiritual Life
26 Healing by God's Unlimited Power
3 What Is Love?
10 The Mother Aspect of God
17 Anchor Yourself in God
24 Sacred Literature: A World of Solace
31 Why Our Loved Ones Die
7 The Universe: God's Cosmic Dream
14 Attuning Your Life to God's Abundance
21 The Father Aspect of God
28 How You Can Talk With God
5 The Spiritual Foundations of World Peace
12 Reincarnation: The Soul's Journey to God
19 Universal Steps That Lead to God-communion
26 Great Saints and Illumined Teachers: God's Messengers of Truth
2 Understanding the Mystery of Life and Death
9 Awakening Your Divine Nature
16 Your Role in God's Drama of Creation
23 Meditation: The Divine Science
30 How Thoughts Can Change Your life
6 Service: The Power of Love in Action
13 Karma: The Law of Cosmic Justice
20 What Is God's True Nature?
27 How to Bring God Into Daily Life
4 Loyalty: Highest Law of Spiritual Success
11 What Is Truth?
18 Ways to Conquer Fear
25 What Is the Soul?
1 Overcoming Nervousness
8 A Spiritual Approach to World Peace
15 Habit: Your Master or Your Slave?
22 Giving Thanks for Life's Blessings
29 The Purpose of Life
6 How to Find Lasting Joy
13 The Divine Nature of Christ
20 Celebrating Christmas in the Temple of the Soul
27 Make Yourself What You Want to Be
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