Requirements for Monastic Life

The general requirements for SRF monastic life are: One should be single, in sound physical and mental health, free of family and other obligations, have studied the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons for at least one year, and between the ages of 18 and 40.

A life of devotion

(This is a general rule. Individual consideration is given to each applicant’s circumstances and qualifications.)

If you feel that a life dedicated to self-improvement, meditation, and service in a monastic community environment is what you have been seeking and you would like to inquire further about the possibility of pursuing a vocation in the monastic order of Self-Realization Fellowship, you are welcome to contact our international headquarters.

Contact us

SRF Lake Shrine

“Absorb thy mind in Me; become My devotee; resign all things to Me; bow down to Me. Thou art dear to Me, so in truth do I promise thee: Thou shalt attain Me! Forsaking all other dharmas (duties), remember Me alone!”

           — The Bhagavad Gita




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