From 2014 New Year's Message From Sri Mrinalini Mata, President of Self-Realization Fellowship:

"This year marks the hundredth birth anniversary of our beloved Sri Daya Mata on January 31st. Her divine life has touched us all, and though her soul is free in the blissful realms of light and joy beyond this world, the love and care she showered on Paramahansa Yogananda's spiritual family in both East and West is with us still. Gurudeva's words, 'Only love can take my place,' found full expression in her and will always resonate in our consciousness through her beautiful example."

Read a special message from Mrinalini Mata on Sri Daya Mata's 100th birth anniversary

 A Tribute to Sri Daya Mata

The Love and Wisdom of Paramahansa Yogananda
Watch Video

Self-Realization Magazine Spring 2011 - Sri Daya Mata through the years in photos


Audio-Video Satsanga

 Sri Daya Mata giving a satsanga at the SRF World Convocation
  • Fulfilling the soul's deepest needs
  • How can I feel God's love in spite of my past mistakes?
  • Inspiration for spiritualizing family life

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Sri Daya Mata

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