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SRF Paperless Communications - Now Available

In an effort to serve you more efficiently and economically, and to help protect the environment by reducing our quantity of paper items, we will be using more email communications and converting some of our existing mailings to email. By signing up now and indicating your preferences you will assist us in developing our program.

The following email communication options are available. Please click on the "SRF eNews Sign-up" button above to select your choices.

Monthly eNewsletter
Receive inspirational quotes, articles, and tips for daily spiritual living as well as the latest news and events from the Self-Realization Fellowship worldwide community. 

SRF Events in Your Area
Receive email announcements about activities and events in your locale, including information about lecture tours, monastic visits, opening of new meditation groups, regional retreats, and other special programs.

SRF Lessons Students Communications
These emails will include annual Convocation invitation and registration information, announcements about Kriya Yoga initiations, subscription renewal notices, and various other items mailed to SRF Lessons students. To receive these communications, you will be asked to include your SRF reference number.

Publications News
Learn about the latest SRF books, and receive email announcements about Self-Realization magazine, product releases, and promotions.

Change Your Preferences or Unsubscribe at Any Time
You may change your subscription preferences at any time and unsubscribe by using SafeSubscribe.  SafeSubscribe guarantees the removal of your email address from our mailing list.

Thank you for taking the time to sign up. We hope you enjoy our new paperless communication options!

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