International Monastic Tours Spring 2013


Monastic Tours Spring 2013

September 9, 2013

 SRF Atlanta Meditation Center“I was so warmly received and cared for throughout the weekend,” wrote one visiting member after attending a recent monastic-led weekend program in Atlanta, Georgia (pictured at right). “[Our Guru's] presence can be felt in the love and the joy at the Center, in the commitment and the perseverance over all of the years since you began the Center, in your deep connection to service and offering people like myself a place to come home to.” 

These words echo the sentiments of thousands around the world who took part in the SRF international monastic tours in the spring of 2013. Self-Realization Fellowship monastics visited SRF centers in Europe, North America, and South America, conducting Kriya Yoga initiations, public lectures, and classes on the “How-to-Live” teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Programs included group meditations, kirtan chanting, and informal satsangas

Abano Terme Lecture tourFrom another program: “The content and teaching were outstanding. I really appreciated the depth of this retreat with an emphasis on the [meditation] techniques and [the stillness] beyond the techniques…. It was nice to be given the specific objective of the Energization Exercises and to be led through them in this session. Thank you for a most wonderful and enlightening retreat.” 

Other comments included statements such as: “Layers of tension, city life, got peeled away”; and “It was a slice of heaven.”

In Italy, Brothers Naradananda (above left) and Sattvananda (below left), conducted a program in Abano Terme. They were assisted by Brahmachari Allen (center left), who led a review of Paramahansaji's Energization Exercises.

SRF Madrid Meditation GroupIn Madrid, Spain (right), Brahmacharis Augusto and Jason led programs on Paramahansaji’s teachings. They also met with SRF members in Houston, Texas. 

Brother Sarvananda with Sunday school students in Raleigh, North Carolina. Brother Sarvananda (shown at left with Sunday school students) and Brahmachari Andy conducted classes in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their trip also included visits to SRF centers and groups in Washington, D.C. and Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

 Brother Jayananda at New York Center RetreatBrother Jayananda (near right) and Brahmachari Martin conducted weekend programs in Detroit and Vanderbilt, Michigan, and a regional retreat hosted by the New York City Center (far right).

The release of the Divine Romance translated in Portuguese In April, the Portuguese translation of Paramahansa Yogananda's Divine Romance was released in São Paulo, Brazil, by Brother Satyananda, in an event attended by over 800 members and friends. (Click here for more about recent releases of translations of Paramahansa Yogananda's writings.)  

SRF programs in Salvador, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Brahmacharis Lynn and Roberto assisted Brother Satyananda in other programs in South America, including those in Salvador, Brazil (right), and Buenos Aires, Argentina (the photo below right shows a meeting with a group of young adults).     

Some other cities visited in Spring 2013 include Seattle, Washington; Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida; Sacramento, California; Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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