Have a Little Faith Visits Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple

June 27, 2014

 2014 Zach Anner and Brahmachari Cormac in the Gazebo at the Hollywood TempleThe yoga meditation teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda were the subject of a recent feature on Have a Little Faith, an inspiring, funny, and informative series that airs regularly on the YouTube channel SoulPancake.

The program’s originator and host, Zach Anner, has not let his wheelchair (which he relies upon due to cerebral palsy) interfere with his earnest and determined quest to learn more about the city’s multitude of religious practices and faiths. His visits over the last year have ranged from the Islamic Center of southern California to the Orange Grove Quaker Meeting to the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple, which he visited this past May, attending a Sunday service conducted by Brahmachari Cormac and conversing with SRF member Martin Pettis about meditation and what it was like growing up in an SRF family.

Zach Anner’s visit to the SRF Hollywood Temple can be viewed on SoulPancake.

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