Encinitas Temple of Self-Realization Fellowship Opens New Auxiliary Chapel

New Encinitas Temple Annex

September 12, 2012

On August 18, 2012, Encinitas city officials, Self-Realization Fellowship ministers, and hundreds of SRF members gathered to celebrate the opening of the beautiful new SRF auxiliary chapel located at 1105 2nd Street in Encinitas, California. One block south of the existing SRF Temple in downtown Encinitas, and one block north of the SRF Ashram Center founded by Paramahansa Yogananda more than 75 years ago, the inspiringly designed new chapel became necessary because the main temple is no longer large enough to accommodate the increasing number of people who come to learn the yoga meditation techniques and teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. 

Bro Bhumananda Addresses Encinitas CongregationAt the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Brother Bhumananda, minister-in-charge of SRF Encinitas Temple, spoke of how the city has been an ideal place for SRF to prosper. “Back in the 1930s, when yoga and meditation were concepts that seemed rather exotic, our founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, predicted a great interest in Yoga would arise in the West. For some years now, our present temple has been bursting at the seams because of the growing number of people interested in meditation.”

Speaking at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks (holding scissors) referred to a proclamation issued earlier this year honoring SRF on its 75th anniversary in Encinitas, and spoke appreciatively of the organization’s unique contributions to the community and its promotion of harmony and understanding.


Encinitas Dedication
  Shown from left to right: Encinitas City Council members Mark Muir and Teresa Barth, Sister Sarala (co-administrator of the Encinitas Ashram Center), Mayor Jerome Stocks, City Council member James Bond, and SRF ministers Brother Naradananda and Brother Bhumananda. 

The same evening, a special consecration ceremony was conducted by Brother Vishwananda on behalf of the Self-Realization Fellowship Board of Directors. It was attended by over 400 SRF members. After a period of chanting and meditation, he read a special message from SRF president Sri Mrinalini Mata for the occasion. Other speakers included Brothers Ramananda, Naradananda, and Bhumananda. 

In 1938, Paramahansa Yogananda opened the first SRF Encinitas Temple on the grounds of the SRF Encinitas Hermitage (215 K Street). After the temple was lost to cliff erosion in 1942, services were held in various sites on the Hermitage grounds before moving to the current Temple site at 939 2nd Street, in 1977. 

Encinitas Temple AltarThe auxiliary chapel augments the capacity of the SRF Encinitas Temple by 70%, increasing the space available for the two Sunday services to more than 1,000 seats. It will also provide meeting space for SRF’s growing youth program. The project, which involved 2400 square feet of renovation and 1400 square feet of new construction, spanned 18 months (with actual construction taking eight months to complete). Generous donors and the Encinitas temple congregation supplied all necessary funds, and much of the work was done and/or supervised by local SRF members in the construction business. 

The new chapel is open daily for individual meditation from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m., and starting in September will be open for a live video feed of Sunday services at the Encinitas Temple. 

For a schedule of services for the SRF Encinitas Temple, please visit www.encinitastemple.org.

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