SRF Featured in Recent Media Coverage

September 5, 2016

A number of media outlets recently have highlighted Self-Realization Fellowship and the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda:

SRF Encinitas Retreat—A Refuge of Silence

  Photograph by Circa News

Photograph by Circa News

An exploration of the retreat experience was the subject of a digital news report by Circa News, entitled “Inside a Silent Retreat.” Circa News reporter Nathalie Basha spent a day at the SRF Retreat, Hermitage, and Meditation Gardens to experience an SRF retreat firsthand.

Focusing specifically on the appeal of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings to millennials, the segment includes interviews with SRF monastics and past retreatants, who talk about why silent retreats are growing in popularity and providing a safe haven for people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with God.

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Kriya Yoga at the Yoga Day Summit

  Photograph by Circa News

On June 21, the International Day of Yoga, Self-Realization Fellowship monk Brother Govindananda was interviewed on the subject of “Kriya Yoga: The Science of Self-Realization” and how its practice leads to inner peace, as part of The Shift Network’s annual Yoga Day Summit.

During the interview, Brother Govindananda said, “Peace is an aspect of God….When we tap into that peace we become aware that every soul has the potential for experiencing that peace within, too. It’s an aspect of who we are as souls, as children of God….When we feel this deepening sense of peace we become more understanding and tolerant of others.”

The Yoga Day Summit features interviews, which are available free online, with more than 50 representatives of the world’s diverse religious traditions. To watch Brother Govindananda’s interview, click here.

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SRF Interwoven Into the Spiritual Tapestry of Los Angeles

  Photograph by Circa News

Nuns from the SRF International Headquarters were featured in the August edition of Los Angeles Magazine, in a striking photo essay about “Faith in the City of Angels” which states “What unites all seekers is a belief in something greater than themselves….While other parts of the world are riven by spiritual divisions, it’s the sheer compression of religious practice in [Los Angeles] that unites.”

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