Two SRF Monks Featured in Television Interview on Meditation and Kriya Yoga

November 20, 2013

A discussion of the relevance of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga teachings in today’s world is the subject of a northern California television program, YogiViews, with two Self-Realization Fellowship monks, Brother Kalyanananda and Brahmachari Martin. The hour-long interview, conducted by the show’s producer, Antonio Sausys, aired in two separate segments in mid-March 2013 on Comcast Channel 26/AT&T 99 in California’s Marin County. The complete one-hour interview can be viewed online in the YogiViews archives.
During the course of the interview, they speak about the essential unity of all religions, the importance for each person of developing a personal relationship with the Divine, and how to find the ultimate fulfillment of lasting happiness by applying the scientific techniques of yoga meditation.

Brother Kalyanananda explains: “There is a science [to] how we can interiorize our consciousness and take the searchlight of our senses that is normally directed to the world, reverse it, turn it inward, and become aware that we are not this body, that we are not this restless mind, but that we are the soul. And the soul is one with God.”

They also provide engaging personal accounts of how they were both drawn to the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the SRF monastic order.

Brother KalyananandaBrahmachari MartinBrother Kalyanananda (left) serves as the minister-in-charge at the Berkeley Temple of Self-Realization Fellowship, where Brahmachari Martin (right) also conducts meditation and inspirational services several times a month.

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