India Embraces Awake
India has enthusiastically embraced Awake: The Life of Yogananda, CounterPoint Films’ award-winning documentary about the life of Paramahansa Yogananda.
Self-Realization Magazine Summer 2016
A quarterly magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul…

The Summer 2016 issue is now available and includes timely and uplifting articles from Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Mrinalini Mata.
Brother Abhedananda (1926-2016)
Self-Realization Fellowship minister Brother Abhedananda, a devoted SRF monk for more than 60 years, passed away peacefully at the Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas Ashram Center on April 20, 2016. In his multifaceted service to Paramahansa Yogananda’s work over many decades, Brother Abhedananda inspired countless souls in many lands through his wise counsel and ministry, his deep understanding of yoga and meditation, and his complete dedication to God.
Sri Mrinalini Mata’s 70th Anniversary
June 10, 2016, marks the seventieth anniversary of the day our revered president and sanghamata, Sri Mrinalini Mata, entered Paramahansa Yogananda’s ashram to dedicate her life to the love and service of God and Guru. As spiritual head of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India these past five years (since the passing of Sri Daya Mata), and as vice-president and editor-in-chief for more than forty years before that, Mrinalini Mataji has served SRF/YSS members worldwide with divine wisdom, love, and total dedication of body, mind, heart, and soul.
Awake Debuts in India—Honors Second Annual International Day of Yoga
The highly anticipated theatrical release of Awake: The Life of Yogananda in India will take place on June 17, 2016, coinciding with the UN sponsored Second Annual International Day of Yoga. The award-winning documentary on the life of “the father of Yoga in the West” is scheduled to screen in twelve cities throughout India, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ranchi, Thane, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Additional cities will be added in the coming weeks. Please visit the Awake website for updates on the screenings in India and elsewhere throughout the world.
Prime Minister of India Meets With YSS Monks
On March 4, 2016, India’s Prime Minister, the Honorable Sri Narendra Modi, met with the General Secretary of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (the name by which Paramahansa Yogananda’s work is known in India).
Brother Viswananda gave an inspiring introduction before the screening
The feature-length documentary film Awake: The Life of Yogananda, released by CounterPoint Films in October 2014, continues to draw new audiences of seekers around the globe as international theatrical showings sell out and expand to a growing number of cities.
Self-Realization Magazine Spring 2016
A quarterly magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul…

The Spring 2016 issue is now available and includes timely and uplifting articles from Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Mrinalini Mata.
Program leaders and participants at the East Coast Girls Youth Day
“The ideal of right education for youth had always been very close to my heart,” stated Paramahansa Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi. In keeping with Paramahansaji’s ideal, Self-Realization Fellowship recently inaugurated several new programs designed to help children and teens connect their lives more deeply with spiritual principles.
AWAKE Audiences Continue to Expand Around the Globe
Digital rentals and purchases of the film are also now available from iTunes and Google Play. Amazon plans a digital release of the film imminently. It is now available to rent AWAKE in a streaming digital format from the SRF website.
Highlights from the 2015 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation
Self-Realization Fellowship’s 2015 World Convocation took place August 16–22 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Some 4,000 SRF members from all parts of the United States and more than 40 other countries attended Convocation this year, once again forming a prototype for a world civilization grounded in the harmony of God-communion.
SRF World Convocation 2015
We are pleased to share glimpses of the 2015 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation in our new photo album.
Self-Realization Magazine Fall 2015
A quarterly magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul…

The Fall 2015 issue is now available and includes timely and uplifting articles from Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Mrinalini Mata.
AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda DVD
Self-Realization Fellowship’s DVD edition of the critically acclaimed documentary film AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is now available for purchase. This special edition of the DVD includes subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Dutch, and Japanese.
SRF How-to-Live Youth Programs
We are happy to announce that we will be conducting our first boys’ and girls’ retreat for teens 13 to 18 years old. The boys’ event will be held October 17 at the SRF Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, and the girls’ event will be held November 21 at the SRF Encinitas Retreat, Hermitage, and Meditation Gardens.
Reopening of the Windmill Chapel
July 27, 2015, was a memorable and festive day at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, as hundreds of members and friends gathered to celebrate the reopening of the historic Windmill Chapel. This quaint shrine, blessed by the presence of Paramahansa Yogananda, was closed for almost two years while Self-Realization Fellowship carried out a comprehensive renovation and restoration of the building.
Highlights from the 2015 Summer Day Program
A newly structured Self-Realization Fellowship Summer Day Program for children (ages 7–12) and teens (ages 13–18) was conducted on the 20-acre campus of the Encinitas Country Day school adjoining the scenic San Elijo lagoon by the Pacific Ocean in Encinitas, California. The Monday-through-Friday program for girls took place June 22–26, and for boys June 29–July 3.
Outdoor classes and group discussions.
In a step toward manifesting Paramahansa Yogananda's vision for the proper education of youth, a newly structured SRF Summer Day Program for children and teens was inaugurated in Encinitas, California, in June and July.
Kriya Yoga Express
In conjunction with the first-ever International Day of Yoga on June 21, Paramahansa Yogananda was honored by the renaming of an express train linking Ranchi, India—the city where he established his “How-to-Live” School and ashram in 1918—and Kolkata’s Howrah Station.
Self-Realization Magazine Summer 2015
A quarterly magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul…

The Summer 2015 issue is now available and includes timely and uplifting articles from Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Mrinalini Mata.
AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda Begins Its Journey Around the World
AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is proving to be an effective messenger of Paramahansa Yogananda’s life and teachings, awakening thousands to a deeper connection with the divinity within themselves: a springboard into a deeper spiritual search.
International Day of Yoga 2015: Actualizing the Infinite Potentials Within Us All
On Sunday, June 21, people around the world gathered to celebrate the United Nations' first ever International Day of Yoga. The result was widely acknowledged as the largest number of people engaged in yoga at one time in recorded history.
Brother Nakulananda
“The Life of Yogananda,” a one-hour webcast featuring interviews with Self-Realization Fellowship’s Brother Nakulananda (left) and AWAKE filmmakers Paola di Florio, Lisa Leeman, and Peter Rader, will be a featured program during The Shift Network’s Yoga Day Summit on Sunday, June 21. In his interview, Brother Nakulananda will explore the history and science of Kriya Yoga.
International Day of Yoga

The first ever United Nations-sanctioned International Day of Yoga will take place on June 21, 2015. Widely recognized as the father of yoga in the West, Paramahansa Yogananda introduced millions of seekers to India's ancient Yoga science.

DaijiWorld, an online news portal, wrote in an article dated March 5: “If India's idea of an International Yoga Day has found easy acceptance in the UN, much of the credit must go to Paramahansa Yogananda, India’s first yoga guru in the U.S....He played a huge role in laying the foundation for yoga in the United States a century ago.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Self-Realization Fellowship online bookstore. With an exciting redesign and enhanced features, you can browse and sample our extensive inventory of books and recorded talks by Paramahansa Yogananda and his monastic disciples, along with other items from Self-Realization Fellowship − including videos, photos, incense, and current and back issues of our magazine.
AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda
There has been such strong demand for AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda that a number of theatres have regularly screened the film since its debut last October. Two of these in southern California—the Laemmle Theatre in Pasadena and La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas—have just informed us that they plan to feature screenings of the film in conjunction with the 2015 SRF World Convocation. We share the dates here for Convocation participants who may wish to take the opportunity to see this film on a large theatrical screen before the DVD is released later this fall.


2015 International Day of Yoga
Sunday, June 21, 2015, marks the first official UN-sponsored International Day of Yoga—an occasion to honor the ancient science of Kriya Yoga, which Paramahansa Yogananda introduced to the West almost a century ago. In support of this event—and to offer spiritual seekers who are new to meditation the opportunity to begin their own practice—many Self-Realization Fellowship Temples, Centers, and Meditation Groups around the world will conduct guided meditations for members and the general public on that day.
VL 2015 Spring Appeal letter
The year ahead looks to be especially promising for Paramahansa Yogananda’s work of
Self-Realization Fellowship.


Self-Realization Magazine Spring 2015

Training the Conscious and Subconscious Minds for Success—Part 1  

Paramahansa Yogananda

A previously unpublished talk in which the Master teaches how to fully harness the unlimited hidden powers of our mind for accomplishing material and spiritual goals.

See full content list, read samples of articles, and listen to audio excerpt.

2015 UN Logo
The first ever United Nations-sanctioned International Day of Yoga will take place on June 21, 2015. In recognition of Paramahansa Yogananda’s pivotal role in the spread of yoga worldwide, Self-Realization Fellowship is working with CounterPoint Films to commemorate this first International Day of Yoga. 
Awake book
It is so inspiring to hear the many stories of those who have been drawn to Paramahansa Yogananda following their viewing of AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, and the repeated trips to the movie theatre by so many to view the film again…and again! 
Awake: The Life of Yogananda
AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda—the feature documentary produced by CounterPoint Films with cooperation from Self-Realization Fellowship—started 2015 on a very promising note, being named in The Huffington Post as one of the ten most heartwarming films of 2014 by film expert Kate Neligan. 
SRF Boys Youth Program

As we announced last month, in the coming year Self-Realization Fellowship will be introducing a variety of new spiritual programs for teens and children. Plans for many of the programs are still in the development phase, but we are happy to share here the following information about one of the new offerings.

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