A Thanksgiving Message from Sri Daya Mata (2009)


 Thanksgiving Image 2009 
 Thanksgiving 2009 

 “O Spirit, teach me to find the fountain of infinite power within myself, that I may drink of its soothing waters and quench the thirst of all my needs.”
              — Paramahansa Yogananda

At this festive time of Thanksgiving, let us observe it also as a blessed time in offering gratitude to the One who gives us so bountifully of His goodness and beauty in this world. If we look upon everything and everyone in a spirit of reverence for the indwelling Divine Creator, whether obvious or hidden, we know we are in His omnipresent, watchful love. A thankful heart recognizes God’s all-pervasive Presence, assuring us that in all circumstances we are eternally in the care of Him who is the ultimate source of our every need.

     In our years with Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda, we learned how freeing it can be to live simply and to appreciate divine rather than material bounty. Even when financial circumstances were challenging, Guruji kept our minds focused on the greatest blessing of all — that we are ever in the loving care of God. By his example, Guruji taught us to maintain in our hearts an attitude of thankfulness to the One who is sustaining us, while putting forth every effort to transform obstacles into stepping-stones for accomplishments and progress. When our gratitude to God goes beyond acknowledgement of specific gifts and becomes a way of life—a constant affirmation of faith in Him — we tap into vast divine resources of resolutions for every kind of difficulty. Focusing on the little self and its limitations, or dwelling on the thought of lack, saps one’s energy and will. But by rejoicing in the good we have and thanking Him as the Giver, we tune in with His omnipotence and find it energizing our efforts to set in motion the accommodating laws of material and spiritual success. We become receptive to the gifts of wisdom that even adverse circumstances can bring, and to the peace that comes from building our happiness not upon what we have but upon who we are: an infinitely endowed and beloved child of God.

     Let us be supremely thankful to our Guru for his gift of grace in the bestowal of the science of God-communion. By diving deep into the stillness of meditation, we feel the waves of restless thoughts and concerns of human consciousness merge into the underlying oceanic infinity of God’s presence and abundance. As this realization of His all-sufficiency infuses your being, filling your heart with gratitude, share that increasing divine largess in material ways, or in giving of your time and kindness to those in need. One who thinks of others is never forgotten by the Divine Giver. May His boundless blessings fill your life and flow out to those around you, silently encouraging them also to remember Him.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones,

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Sri Daya Mata



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