A Thanksgiving Message From Sri Daya Mata


Thanksgiving 2010 title 

“God knows what you need. Seek Him until you find Him, until your whole being throbs with His power and glory.”
              — Paramahansa Yogananda




This season of Thanksgiving offers each of us a precious opportunity to draw closer to the One who created us, as we unite in reflecting upon the blessings that flow into our lives from Him. It is He who sustains this body, who has given us the capacity to appreciate the beauty of His world and to feel for others, who helps us through the kindness of those around us. Amidst our daily activities, let us not take for granted His gifts both great and small. A renewed sense of wonder and gratitude awakens in us when we look for the hand of the Divine Giver behind all the good we receive. We begin to see how deeply we are cherished by Him, and our heart opens to feel His presence and His supporting love.

Just as our relationships with human beings are nurtured and sweetened through attentiveness and expressions of appreciation, so it is in our relationship with God. How much it means to us when some­one warmly acknowledges our friendship or reaches out to us with kindness. Through that ex­change, the mutual bond is strengthened. Likewise, when we turn to the Divine and say simply and sincerely “Thank you, Lord,” He who is Love itself deeply responds to that heartfelt thought. It is a most natural way to relate to Him and make Him part of our lives — whether during times of silent communion or while fulfilling the responsibilities He has given us. If we establish the habit of express­­ing our grati­tude to our Divine Benefactor from day to day and moment to moment, our con­scious­ness changes. We become more receptive to the Power that can draw to us whatever we truly need. At the same time we also recognize that the ultimate treasure, surpassing any material blessing, is our eternal connection with our Heavenly Father-Mother-Friend. Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda told us, “God is in every­thing. When you have Him, you have everything.”  As we realize that truth, we begin to see that His bless­ings come in many guises. Some we can easily iden­tify as such; others require us to look beyond our human preferences to understand the life-trans­forming lessons being offered to us if we put our trust in Him.

One of the greatest ways to acknowledge God’s limitless generosity is to give our unconditional love in return, for that is the gift that most touches His heart. In your meditations, let that love be expressed in giving your best efforts rather than expecting a specific response. Similarly, when relating to others, let your focus be upon offering appreciation and encouragement rather than waiting to receive, upon serving rather than wanting to be served. By striving to express that spirit of unconditional, outreach­ing love, may you find your own needs also being met and feel the joy of growing attunement with the Supreme Giver of All.


Wishing you and your dear ones a blessed Thanksgiving,

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Sri Daya Mata



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